La Palma: La Isla Bonita

La Palma is a treasure to be discovered, known as La Isla Bonita, this island in the Atlantic Ocean is a Biosphere Reserve of 706 square kilometers. It has incredible landscapes, lush forests, quiet beaches and a sky free of all kinds of pollution where seeing the stars at night is a spectacle.

Because of this, tourism in the natural environment of La Palma makes it possible to enjoy a vacation in an alternative way, doing activities in the middle of nature, whether by sea, land or air, the island offers an infinite number of possibilities of experiences and sports such as diving, hiking or even paragliding.
The beaches of the island have two very different variants, on the one hand there are the crowded beaches where there is no lack of leisure, and on the other hand those deserted and quiet beaches where relaxation is effortless. However, any beach on the island has some common characteristics, such as cleanliness, purity of water, and the virgin landscapes that accompany them, which together with its tropical climate, makes it essential to visit at any time of the year.

La veta

The landscape of La Palma is exceptional, thanks to its environmental quality of life, it is environment, being this one of the most emblematic natural resources, and of course worthy of a visit. In addition, its relief, originated millions of years ago in a process of geological formation, has led to the creation of multiple microclimates and great contrasts of vegetation on its surface, among which we can highlight the Bosque de los Tilos, in the Natural Park of Las Nieves. Los Tilos is one of the most important laurel forests in the Canary Islands, with a natural heritage of exceptional value, which should undoubtedly be
visited following one of the many trails that are available to visitors to make possible an immersion in a subtropical forest, in which in addition to the impressive and enveloping vegetation, we can find natural waterfalls.

Another major attraction of the island is its sky, which makes possible the realization of a very little known type of tourism, astrotourism. At 2,400 meters above sea level is the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory, one of the best places in the world for observing the sky thanks to its clean atmosphere and the protections applied on the island in order to avoid excessive light pollution, which is why it was declared a Starlight Tourist Destination in 2021.

Santa Cruz

The capital of the island is Santa Cruz de La Palma, a city with an exciting history, among religious temples, carved wooden balconies, cobblestone streets, museums, theaters and an old port that will undoubtedly take the breath away from any visitor.

Undoubtedly La Palma is the perfect place to visit, a place of disconnection that you will definitely want to repeat.

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